Lakes Region

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Less than half an hour northwest of Portland and two hours north of Boston, tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and the White Mountains, the Lakes Region of Maine earns its name from the more than 50 lakes scattered among green rolling hills near Sebago Lake. Visitors come the Lakes Region to enjoy the water and area attractions. The area is ideal for boating, fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, camping, hiking and golf. The Lakes Region is also a great place to experience some Maine cuisine (especially lobster) and there are numerous restaurants ranging from take-out to fine dining.

The major towns around the Sebago Lake region are Windham, Standish, Raymond, Casco, Sebago, Naples, Frye Island, Bridgton and Harrison.

Sebago Lake Frye Island Brandy Pond Little Sebago Lake Panther Pond Raymond Pond Crescent Lake Thomas Pond Coffee Pond Parker Pond Pleasant Lake Thompson Lake Trickey Pond Long Lake Highland Lake Crystal Lake Lakes Map


Sebago Lake is the second largest lake in the state, measuring approximately 37 miles around and includes the towns of Sebago, Standish, Windham, Raymond, Casco and Naples. Sebago is part of what is known as the Sebago/Long Lake Chain. Sebago is approximately 8 miles wide and 12 miles long and is 316 ft. at the deepest point. There are numerous marinas located around the lake in Windham, Casco and Sebago. Sebago Lake State Park has several large beaches to pull up to with a boat or access by car. It is a great lake for fishing and boating and home to the famous landlocked Salmon.

2. Frye Island

Frye Island is located in Sebago Lake it is about 2.5 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. There are two ferries that provide transportation to & from the Island on a scheduled basis. The Island is easy to find, just off Raymond Cape. There is a wonderful nine hole public golf course on the Island. A popular place on the Island for both people on the Island and boaters on Sebago Lake is Frye’s Leap General Store & Cafe.


Brandy Pond is one of the three lakes in the Sebago/Long Lake chain, it is also referred to as the Bay of Naples. This pond is located in the town of Naples. Brandy Pond lies between Long Lake to the North and Sebago to the south. Sebago is accessed through the Songo Locks and the Songo River. Brandy Pond is approximately 2 mile wide and 2 miles long. It's a great area for water sports.


Coffee Pond is accessed via Route 11 and Route 121 in Casco. This is a small, fairly quiet lake with minimal motorboat traffic, though you will see some waterskiers now and then. With a maximum depth of 70 ft., it covers 137 acres, is about 1/4 mile wide and 1 mile long. Coffee Pond is spring-fed and fishing is considered excellent.


Crescent Lake is located in Raymond and Casco. It is 1/2 mile by 2.5 miles and covers 716 acres. It’s a good lake for boating and ideal for smaller motor boats and canoes. It connects through the Tenney River to Panther Pond adding to miles of boating.


Crystal Lake is located in Harrison. It is approximately 461 acres and is suitable for small boats and canoes. It is a nice quiet spot. It is a pretty lake, with a town beach and boat launch at the lower end.

7. HIGHLAND LAKE - Bridgton

Highland Lake is accessed by Rt. 302 and local roads in Bridgton. Encompasses 1401 acres, max depth 50 feet. Good bass fishing. 4.75 miles long, half to 3/4 mile wide.

8. HIGHLAND LAKE - Windham

Highland Lake is a Great location for getting into Portland. It is approximately 640 acres with a maximum depth of 67 feet. Its widest spot is about 3/4 mile and is about 3 miles long. Visitors of the lake often can be found swimming or water skiing.


Long Lake is one of the lakes in the Sebago Lake chain. It is a large long lake 1 mile wide by approximately 11 miles long. Naples, at its southerly end has a wonderful causeway with restaurants, shops and water activities. Bridgton to the north has a great downtown for shopping is in close proximity to Shawnee Peak ski area.


Little Sebago Lake is located in Windham and Gray and is approximately 1 mile wide and about 6 miles long, covering 1,898 acres. It has many small islands and coves making it super for boating. It is located close to shopping. Little Sebago is not part of Big Sebago.


Panther Pond lies between Rt. 85 and Rt. 121, and is located entirely within the town of Raymond. It encompasses 1,439 acres, with a maximum depth of 68 ft., is about 1-1/4 miles wide at its broadest and 2-1/2 miles long. It connects to Crescent Lake via the Tenney River, and is a "multi-purpose" lake - good for all kinds of recreation and boating.


Parker Pond may actually be the lower end of Pleasant Lake. A small, quiet lake, it lies east of Route 121 in Casco. About 166 acres, and generally somewhat shallow, Parker Pond's depth varies from shoreline to 19 ft. It is about 1/3 to 1/2 mile wide and about 1-1/2 miles long. It's usually boatable to Pleasant Lake with a 14' boat (you can boat under the road separating the two lakes; the area near the road is considered excellent fishing).


Pleasant Lake is located in Casco and Otisfield, and accessed via Rt. 121 and the Mayberry Hill Road. It covers 1,077 acres, with a maximum depth of 62 ft. It is rectangular in shape, with few coves, about 1/2 mile wide and 4 miles long. Much of the shoreline is rocky, with some steep areas, but the relatively undeveloped quality of the lake makes it popular with vacationers seeking a more quiet environment. There's a small town beach with boat launch at the Casco end.


Raymond Pond is a small lake located in Raymond. It is approximately 1/2 mile wide and 1 mile long- about 345 acres. There are several small islands in the pond which makes it an interesting place to canoe. Raymond Pond is reached by rural roads running from Rt. 85.


Thomas Pond is located in Casco and Raymond. It is easily reached from Rt. 302. It encompasses 442 acres, with a maximum depth of 64 ft., and averages about 1 mile by 1 mile at its widest points. It is a pretty, fairly quiet lake, with minimal motorboat traffic, though some find it satisfactory for waterskiing.


Thompson Lake lies northeast of Sebago, in the towns of Casco, Oxford, Otisfield, and Poland, covering 4,426 acres, with a maximum depth of 121 ft. It is a very large, particularly clean and attractive lake, suitable for all types of recreation. It's about 12 miles long, and averages about 2 miles in width. There is a variety of shoreline- some shallow and sandy and some steep and rocky. Access is from Rt. 121 in Casco and Otisfield, and Rt. 11 in Poland. There are marinas in Casco (on the Heath), Otisfield and Oxford.


Trickey Pond, located in Naples is a quiet, clean lake and is approximately 1.5 miles long and 1 mile wide. It's a nice lake for boating and fishing. Pretty spot, not far from Naples activities.